This is what we are

A few years ago we did not believe the words of our friend Andy Don Buma, he was originally from Holland but had spent most of his childhood in South Africa, more precisely in the suburbs of the city of Pretoria.
Since he was a boy he began to travel the world, also spending part of his time in our beautiful country – Italy.
It is precisely here that we met him and he told us about his life by reviewing the main stages until obtaining an important working position in a large company.

Here he told us how over the years he has managed to understand what true happiness is and how it is easy to pass it on to others.

The interesting part of this story is its relationship with the female sex.
He met many girls during his travels but never managed to bond with any of them.

During our last meeting he pointed out to us how particularly lucky he is in terms of female companionship, perhaps precisely from the fact that he found and was able to demonstrate that something that most people lack.

This is what we do

The ADB collection perfectly recalls the figure it is inspired by.
The contemporary and dandy orientation of the collections are expressed through dynamic and refined lines, mixing with practical and comfortable fabrics that derive from the fashion & sporty world.

The right touch to wear in the most varied moments of the day to always be at the top.

Going from trousers to jackets, the ADB collection is made for the man who wants to be noticed without ever neglecting any detail.


Thank you A.